First Aid Kit

Every office, factory, home and school should have an accessible first-aid box. It is readily available in shops but you can use a tin or card board box at home as your first aid box. Following are the common stuff you should have in your first aid box.

  • First-aid book.

  • Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes

  • Small roll of absorbent gauze or gauze pads of different sizes

  • Adhesive tape

  • Triangular and roller bandages

  • Cotton (1 roll)

  • Band-aids (Plasters)

  • Scissors

  • Pen torch

  • Latex gloves (2 pair)

  • Tweezers

  • Needle

  • Moistened towels and clean dry cloth pieces.

  • Antiseptic (Savlon or dettol)

  • Thermometer

  • Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant

  • Assorted sizes of safety pins

  • Cleansing agent/soap

Non-prescription drugs

  • Aspirin or paracetamol pain relievers

  • Anti-diarrhea medication

  • Antihistamine cream for Bee Stings.

  • Antacid (for stomach upset)

  • Laxative

    Keep your first aid kit where it is easily accessible. Replace drugs whenever they reach the expiry date.

As we know that Social Networking is the cool thing amongst youth people like me today, in India and elsewhere in the world. But in the recent past, people have gotten duped, harassed, verbally assaulted, and even sexually abused by chatting through IMs in chatrooms and also via webcams.

We should thanks to the social networking site's policy that they don't demand any real-life identification while registration, it becomes difficult to trace the accused after a case of sexual abuse is filed. Today, sex offenders have taken to popular sites like MySpace, Orkut, Xanga, Bebo, Facebook, and others.

A recently-reported case was that of Judy Cajuste(14 years old) who met a 20 year old male through MySpace, and who was later murdered.

According to Essex County Executive Assistant Prosecutor Charlotte L. Smith.
On Jan. 13, the girl with scores of friends, dozens of dreams and only 14 years of life experience was found in a dumpster in Newark’s Weequahic Park. She had been strangled to death.

Read more about her at wildxangel

In the Similar way, MySpace has been facing a number of problems like identity theft, information revelation by kids below 14, inappropriate material posting, and more. In the US, eight attorney generals of various states sent a letter to MySpace demanding the details of a "few thousand" registered sex offenders. MySpace recently agreed to release their database of sex offenders profile.
Read more about it in Wired Blog Network.

Can such a situation be faced in your country too? You did think not, but it could well be. Be it cyber cafe, school, college, or home, young people are increasingly taking to social networking sites.

In our country India, such a case was reported about a Delhi girl wherein a spurned lover posted obscene messages on Orkut terming her a "Sex Teacher" along with her contact details. In Mumbai, a rejected lover in real life made a fake profile of the girl who spurned him, and posted messages on Orkut using pictures of the girl. So don't you get scared by this activities going on?

As more and more people are joining the online space, the potential of them being abused have increased a lot. India-based networking sites like Yaari, Minglebox, Fropper, Rediff Connexions, and other have cropped up recently. Many have posted personal details in their public profiles on such sites. What the kids, teens, and even adults are doing is providing an open invitation to crank calls and obscene demands by offender's.

Have a look at the list of the Social Networking Websites.

Spurned lovers find a place to hangout at such sites, while predators look for sexual innuendos at such networking sites. Many have forgotten that their "scraps" are accessible by anyone. It's not a pretty picture that you show off to the world.

By reading the above article, you might be thinking. What should be done to avoid or stay away from the sex offenders on the web? I thought of writing myself about few advices about this but before that I stumble upon a site by Mahendra Palsule where he have written very clearly about it. Actually he has written about Indian situation but it is applicable to all the countries. Read it here.

If you have some more news or ideas about such a cases through Social Networking and ideas of staying away from such an offender on the Social Networking, you can share it here. If it has a strong point then I might put another post linking to you and your blog.

Add Visitors Comments Policy to Your Blogger Blog

We the blogger from the blogspot platform have to deal a lot of headache from of the comment spam - like the comment will have word like "Great post" or "interesting" and then a URL pointing to some XXX site or any other site not related to the topic. For this reason we makes the comment section the moderated type because the does not provide plugin like Akismet anti-spam filter, which catches majority of the comment spam in the wordpress blog.

Many of our visitors do not like these features because this doesn't credit to instant commenting but believe me it is very much necessary because in my previous blogging, I use to receive many spam comments which is totally not related to the content. So to acknowledge your readers about this, you can add comment policy to your blogger comment section. has added a features that allow users to display a "comment policy" for their blogs that is shown to any visitor who intends to write a comment on some blog post.

When a visitor opens your comment page, he will see this policy just above the comment text area. For example, see the image below.

The comment policy of this blog says " Comments posted on Blogging Finger are moderated and will be approved only if they are related to topic and not abusive. Please do not include URLs in the comment box - gedet"

So how to add comment policy on your blog?

  1. You just login your blogger account.
  2. Click on the setting of the relevant blog from the dashboard.
  3. Now click on the comments tab and now look for the text " Comment Form Message", similar to image shown below, click the image to enlarge it and note the coding.

Isn't it looking cool???

It is not any hack, but comes in the blogger itself but very few of the bloggers are using these features. Either they are not aware of this features or they do not know how to use it. If you are using blogger platform, are you using this features - how to add comment policy on the blogger blog?

How to Download Videos from YouTube

Well Today I am going to tell you some basic ways or methods available in the internet of downloading the videos from the Youtube website. You might be wondering why you should download/save videos from Youtube.

Suppose you found an interesting video from Youtube and you want to save/download it to your computer and later share it with your friends or keep it as a collection. However, we know that by default YouTube doesn't allow users to save/download the videos. It only allow user to send a hyperlink to the friends and invite them to go to Youtube website to view the videos.

It will become a problem because these video may gone forever due to copyright infringement issues, why not save/download the video before it's too late? Also you can see them offline.

I am going to list some of the most popular methods on how to download videos from youtube website. They are as below:-

1. Method

The simplest and easiest way of downloading video from the Youtube.

  • Whenever you are watching video on Youtube, go to the address bar at the top of your browser.
  • Notice the URL is something like this:
  • Just in front of the domain name, insert the word 'kiss'.

  • Press the 'Enter' key and it will bring you to, Click on the download link provided to save the video to your computer.
NOTE: Remember to save your video with ".flv" extension. Eg. some_video_filename.flv.
Then download free flv player recommend to play the video.

If my above explanation is not enough then you can go through the video.

Wow, isn't it the easiest method to download the video from Youtube.

2. Method

KeepVid helps you to download videos from youtube (you can also download videos other than youtube videos on these KeepVid).

How to Download?

Go To KeepVid and give the URL of the Video or the Video Page that is to be downloaded and mention the source i.e., Youtube.

Click Download and they will give a Download link from which you can download the Video file alone.

Like in most video downloader, the Video that is downloaded will be in Flash format (.flv).

3. Method

Orbit Downloader can download youtube video very easily with a great speed in flv format. Ok first of all if you don't have orbit downloader then you can download it here ' Download Orbit Downloader for free' and install it.

  • Now open the orbit downloader, you will see the screen like below. Run the 'Grab Video' by clicking on the 'Grab Video' item from the 'Tools' Menu.

  • Copy the link of the YouTube video you want to download from the address bar. Just like, and then paste in the 'Grab Video' address bar and then press Enter.

  • Click 'Download', the video will be downloaded.

If you follow these steps then you can download any YouTube video.

4. Method

You can also download from the YouTube Downloader. It is also very simple. You just click on 'Youtube Downloader' and you will be taken to screen similar to the picture given below.

You just paste the address link of the youtube video you want to download and you will see screen similar to the picture below.

Now Click on the 'Get Download URL', or right click on the 'Get Download URL' and click on the 'Save Link As' and type the name of the file with the extension .flv and then click save. That's it.

Well Now I have given you the various methods on how to download the Youtube videos, there are many other methods also but I didn't mention them because these above methods really works well, if some of you do not agree with me and you think there is other method which is better than these above methods then you are always welcome to suggest in the comment section.

So, How to convert FLV to WMV, AVI or any other format?

Ok Now the downloading section is over. Before concluding this post, I would like to talk about how to convert FLV format to other media formats. For an example you want to use that downloaded video in another or friends computer which doesn’t have FLV player then every time you have to install FLV player in all computers to see the video, isn't it. Which is quite a tiresome.

But it’s possible to convert FLV files to WMV, AVI or any other format you prefer and it’s easier than you think. The best part is you might already have that software installed in your computer.

VLC player is one of the software which is widely used and which plays any format of audio or video (including .flv). The less known fact is that it also helps to convert audio and video file formats. Follow these steps to convert .flv to .wmv, .avi or any other format.

Note: If you don’t have VLC player yet, then you can download from VideoLan. It’s an open source!

Step 1: Load the .flv file into VLC player and press Stop.

Step 2: Go to File -> Wizard. It will give you a pop-up ‘Streaming/Transcoding Wizard‘.

Step 3: Select Transcode/Save to file and Click Next.

Step 4: Select Existing Playlist Item and the file you have just loaded will be listed there.

Step 5: Highlight the .flv file and click Next.

Step 6: In the next screen, Select Transcode Video and from the drop down box choose WMV3 (this has highest quality, though the output of the file may differ as per the original .flv file)

Step 7: Select Transcode Audio and from the drop down box choose MP3 (for the quality to be higher, leave it at the default bitrate of 192) and click Next.

Step 8: choose ‘ASF‘ as the ‘Encapsulation Format‘ and click Next.

Step 9: You will be asked to select the file to save to, click ‘Choose‘ and browse to the folder where you want your new file to be saved.

Step 10: 'Important' Type in the file name in the ‘File’ field with the extension of .WMV (example, video1.wmv)

Step 11: Click Finish and wait for couple of seconds and the new file is ready.

Step 12: Use the new .WMV file in any player!

Well that's it for today. If you think the information was useful, just leave a comment on the comment section, I will think that my hardwork didn't went waste. Also if you have another good method of downloading the youtube video, you can share it here.

Note:- The last part is taken from the lytebyte[dot]com.


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